Small Victories being printed

It may still be around three months until you can actually read Small Victories and buy it in actual book shops, but the book is finished. There is nothing more than I can do with it, to add or subtract or edit.

The final touches were put to the book last week. It got another deep proofreading with about 100 commas added and several corrections made.

A detailed Index was also added. Here’s a peek at some of it:


The book is now being printed—in China.
That will take another few weeks, and then the several thousand copies will be shipped from there to stores around the world—and Amazon warehouses.

On sale
The book will be available almost everywhere from 3 September.
It is not just available on Amazon—you should be able to find it in most large bookstores.
And for those chains that have not ordered stock—Eason’s in Ireland and WH Smith in the UK for example—contact your local branch and ask them to order it.

Other stores

Barnes and Noble
Book Depository
Mighty Ape
Books a Million
McNally Robinson

There will also some reviews and interviews leading up to the launch in September, and I also hope there are some launch events and signings, with the main launch likely to happen in London in early September.



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