Buy Small Victories from independent shops and stores

Amazon is a necessary evil for most writers and publishers, and by far the best way to get books to a large worldwide readership quickly and efficiently. But many, including me, have concerns with Amazon over labour practices, vast inequality of profit-sharing, tax practices, market distortion, and their unequal relationship with publishers and authors.
Luckily, you can get Small Victories in any number of independent stores.
Here are some we have found:


Hive is an online network of 360 independent bookstores in the UK. A percentage of the profits go back into your nearest independent bookshop every time you make a purchase, or you can select your “favourite” bookshop to benefit instead. You can also arrange to pick up the book in your local bookshop.


The Guardian Bookshop



Indiebound is a community of independent bookstores in the US. There are two ways to purchase books through IndieBound:
(1) The “Buy Here” button on every book page allows readers to purchase the book immediately, and the sale will support the entire network of independent bookstores.
​(2) By entering a zip code in the “Shop Local” box, readers will be able to choose from among the websites for a list of independent bookstores near them. They will then be transferred to the selected store’s website to complete the purchase.

Support Independent Bookstores - Visit

Here’s a few in Faith No More territory

Books Inc

Laurel Book Store

Pegasus Books

Green Apple Books

Browser Books

Elsewhere in the US:

Word Book Store

Elliott Bay Book Company

Left Bank Books

Mac’s Backs

Joseph Beth

Barbara’s Bookstore

Book Culture

Brookline Booksmith

Eagle Eye Books

Skylight Books

I’ll add some more links for outside the UK and US later but here are some we’ve mentioned before:

McNally Robinson


Support Independent Bookstores - Visit

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  1. admars32

    never knew about Hive, will use that, found there’s a shop not too far from me 🙂

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