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  • Silent echoes

    Crucial supporters, almost patrons at this stage, Abridged published my Silent Echos of Prangins recently. They will also publish a new poem from me in their next forthcoming summer edition.In the meantime, let’s be Silent:

  • Narcissus sea

    In a teaser for some big news coming in the next month, here’s some fresh poetry that has yet to find a home. Here’s Narcissus (In typical poetry universe style we’ll only gave this exposure for a few days) The world saw, I think they said, the snow of May, the more elegant neige de…

  • Shards Much Sharper Than The Others

    — Read on A new poem by me has been published in Fig:ment magazine.

  • New poems feature in A New Ulster

    I have five new poems in the suitably titled New Ulster for their December 2022 edition, issue 120. Read on for Yeats, Robbie Keane, and more.

  • The Return

    A quick evening post inspired by some late-night people- and TV-watching. Will take down in around 24 hours. THE RETURN Your hair cut short nowSilver, mined and paredYou wear a bow tiein it, satin, silk like your locks once were.Rich red and paprikaflames, explosions follow you—lifting you higher.Kerosene, telomeresdon’t fuel foreverflights. Silver streaks signal soon…

  • Sixty-seven storks and other poems

    The spectacular Roi Fainéant Press has four of my poems in their archive HERE.

  • The death of death

    Death is out. It’s dead. The kids won’t have it. Not a lived-in experience. Been around too long and for what. Denials and depression. Wearables show it’s all wrong. Too zero sum. Modern life’s witch trials. We break off from self-recitals. Not living, partial living. we’re the debris from one big bang. When all worlds…

  • Pivoting to poetry

    The meadows and moss are straw and sienna eons of green blasted and bleached. We no longer count the days, nothing is planted. As you may have noticed, I have been writing more poetry and less FNM and music content lately. So, I’ll add a few bits of published poems, and a few unfinished titbits…

  • Small Victories: The True Story of Faith No More – the only music book you need for Christmas

    The new and ultimate Faith No More biography, Small Victories: The True Story of Faith No More by Adrian Harte (Jawbone Press), is proving to the one of the most in-demand music books of the 2018 holiday and gift-giving season. It has been heading up Amazon wishlists for months: It’s the perfect gift for the…

  • New Small Victories interviews, reviews and podcasts

    Swedish metal podcast Into The Void this morning published their latest episode – completely devoted to Small Victories and Faith No More. LISTEN HERE Last week, Couleur3, the main rock and alternative music station in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, devoted a whole episode of their weekly metal show Rhinoferoce to Small Victories and Faith…