I had the great pleasure to speak at length with Christian Swain for his Rock N’ Roll Archaeology Deeper Digs in Rock series, which is now available for listening on your preferred podcast platform.

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In association with the brilliant Rock N’ Roll Book Club, I’ll be holding an official UK launch and signing for Small Victories: The True Story of Faith No More on Wednesday, 14 November in the iconic Dublin CastleAdrian_FnMlaunch_A1_HR_1109 venue in Camden, London.

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The evening will include an hour of on-stage chat with me and Rock N’ Roll Book Club host (and writer in her own right) Julie Hamill on the book and all things Faith No More.

Doors open at 715pm, and then Dublin Castle DJ and programmer Tony Gleed will kick off the proceedings with a DJ set from around 8pm.

The on-stage interview will take place from around 830pm, and the night will finish with a blistering set of Faith No More covers from the ultimate FNM tribute act, Faith No Man until around 11pm.

Copies of the book will be on sale on the night, and I’ll be signing copies until ink or drink runs out.

There is a cover charge – this is to cover the costs of the venue and promoters.

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I grew up listening to RTE 2FM, which was then pretty much Ireland’s only music radio station. The station has always found room for alternative music in its schedule, and now Dan Hegarty expertly mans the late-night slot previously occupied by Dave Fanning.
So I was delighted to get the chance to speak about Faith No More and Small Victories to Dan on last Sunday’s show.

You can listen to the the interview and two Faith No More tracks here.

RTE 2FM interview


The UK’s longest running monthly music magazine Record Collector is the latest outlet to give Small Victories: The True Story of Faith No More a rave review in their latest issue.

Here is a digest of some recent reviews:

Record Collector

“Harte’s work probes every cranny and crevice with the zeal of a hungry aye-aye looking for grubs…Small Victories delivers the goods on musical insights and in-fights.”
“A fascinating insight into one of the greatest bands ever to capture – and perhaps fracture – the public imagination.”


Spectrum Culture

“Harte’s prose manages to describe the music as well as the delicate and challenging writing process that brought five very different egos together to create the quintessential Faith No More sound. Despite the band’s penchant for pissing off audiences (and each other), Harte recounts just how driven the band were for success and how that drive often conflicted with their need to be artistically true to themselves. Where a band like the Replacements acted out to satisfy some deep-seated need to sabotage themselves, Harte asserts Faith No More acted out to stave off boredom.”

“Small Victories is a joy to read. Faith No More has an impossibly complex history and a habit of deliberately obfuscating the truth, and Harte has managed to streamline all of it into a cohesive and compelling narrative.”

Under the Radar

“Harte’s narrative is so engaging, one does not want the band’s tale to end. For the Faith No More enthusiast, there is much to dig into here. But perhaps more tellingly and to the book’s great credit, even the Faith No More newbie will be entranced and enrapt by the tale.”

The Irish Times

“Harte, who runs an entertaining and valued blog on the band, has delivered a solid, well-researched and affectionate portrait.”

Wee Review

“A meticulously researched and highly readable work…Small Victories will surely prove to be the definitive book on a band who were long overdue the biographical treatment.”

Sound Renaissance

“Harte, the curator behind Faith No More 2.0, infuses a collection of interviews with band members, managers, and key figures. These first-hand testimonies are cunningly interwoven with an empirical narrative that serves as an encyclopedia for every triumph and struggle the band has faced.”

The launch of Small Victories: The True Story of Faith No More in Dublin last Friday was a resounding success.

Over 50 people showed up to hear author Adrian Harte and Faith No More drummer Mike Bordin wax lyrical on the book and all things Faith No More at the well-appointed Gutter Bookshop.

Adrian Harte and Mike Bordin at the launch

Harte said: “Small Victories is so named because Faith No More were a band who were both more successful than they should have been – and less successful than they could have been.”

He added: “When I started the book in April 2017, the first email I received said, “I have noticed talk about you taking on our story in a book. I wanted to reach out and offer my help in any way you’d deem useful. Who knows what that would be, or where it would lead?” That mail was from Mike Bordin, and it led us here, to Dublin, and to this book. Thanks Mike for all your help and for being here tonight.”

Mike Bordin said: “This is not a book; this is the book. My take on it is this, if there is going to be a book made and a book we can trust, then this is going to be the book. We are not going to do this again, this is the book.”

The question and answer session was ably compered by Joe Sullivan, who set the tone for the evening with an introductory speech, which touched upon growing up (with me) in Ballybay in Ireland, and he explained how important rock and metal music and Faith No More was.

Special thanks from me to Joe, and also to Emmet McAviney for photographs, Paul Dunne for poster and postcard design, and Bob from the Gutter Bookshop for putting on such a wonderful event. Thanks also to all those who attended, who bought books, and who waited patiently to get their books signed by Mike and me.


I’ll be launching Small Victories tomorrow night (14 September) at the wonderful Gutter Bookshop in Temple Bar, Dublin at 630pm.

I’ll read a little of the book, have a Q and A and sign books, which will be on sale on the night.

Drinks will be served, admission is free, and everyone is welcome.

I’ll also be appearing on RTE 2FM on Sunday night on Dan Hegarty’s The Alternative from 10pm Irish time.