Cover revealed for Small Victories

Here is the first look at the cover of Small Victories: The True Story of Faith No More by Adrian Harte, which will be published by Jawbone Press in September.

Small Victories

The cover features a distinctive band shot from the world’s foremost rock portrait photographer Dustin Rabin (a never-before-published shot from the Sol Invictus promo shoots in 2015)—and prominently displays Faith No More’s chaos star logo on the design and in the image itself.

Small Victories is already available for pre-order at some online retailers, but full pre-order information and all relevant links will be revealed here tomorrow.

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  1. Luciana Circular ⚫ (@_circular_)

    Will be available for shipping or digital book? thanks!

    1. Site editor

      There will be a digital book in September too. It will be available for shipping on Amazon and, depending on where you are, local stores too.

      Thanks for your interest!

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