Book update

The good news is that I have finished writing Small Victories, my Faith No More biography.


  • The final word count is 120,000—edited down from a first draft of 170,000 words.
  • In total, 45 people were interviewed for the book.
  • That amounted to over 100 individual interviews, and over 110 hours of audio files to transcribe!
  • I have around 500 photos, and am currently trying to come up with a short list, and then 50-60 images will be selected to illustrate the book.
  • The word Faith appears 801 times in the draft, San Francisco 108 times, Epic 80 times, We Care A Lot 52 times, Angel Dust 50 times. Love gets 68 mentions, hate only ten.

Jawbone Press have just started the editing process. They will send over queries and suggested amendments in the next few weeks.
Around the end of April, I will share the cover design, and also give pre-order details. The book will be available in all major online retailers and in bricks-and-mortar shops and stores too.

Publication date is early September.





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  1. Paul Inglesfield

    This is the biggest thing happening this year. Can not wait.

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