Mike Bordin helps launch Small Victories in Dublin

The launch of Small Victories: The True Story of Faith No More in Dublin last Friday was a resounding success.

Over 50 people showed up to hear author Adrian Harte and Faith No More drummer Mike Bordin wax lyrical on the book and all things Faith No More at the well-appointed Gutter Bookshop.

Adrian Harte and Mike Bordin at the launch

Harte said: “Small Victories is so named because Faith No More were a band who were both more successful than they should have been – and less successful than they could have been.”

He added: “When I started the book in April 2017, the first email I received said, “I have noticed talk about you taking on our story in a book. I wanted to reach out and offer my help in any way you’d deem useful. Who knows what that would be, or where it would lead?” That mail was from Mike Bordin, and it led us here, to Dublin, and to this book. Thanks Mike for all your help and for being here tonight.”

Mike Bordin said: “This is not a book; this is the book. My take on it is this, if there is going to be a book made and a book we can trust, then this is going to be the book. We are not going to do this again, this is the book.”

The question and answer session was ably compered by Joe Sullivan, who set the tone for the evening with an introductory speech, which touched upon growing up (with me) in Ballybay in Ireland, and he explained how important rock and metal music and Faith No More was.

Special thanks from me to Joe, and also to Emmet McAviney for photographs, Paul Dunne for poster and postcard design, and Bob from the Gutter Bookshop for putting on such a wonderful event. Thanks also to all those who attended, who bought books, and who waited patiently to get their books signed by Mike and me.


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